Space Station V3

Just had to share this follow-up story. After a rehearsal this week, I opened the back of my suv, and BAM… Onto the concrete driveway fell my CPS. (I didn’t know whether to cry or go berserk & start hitting & swinging at any nearby objects.) My heart was sinking. Lesson learned – stack it on its side so it won’t fall over / out of my suv.

SO, I was scared for the hour-plus drive to rehearsal that it may not work (I did have a cheap backup monitor if needed.) The CPS took a solid wallop from 3ft. up, landing directly on the front corner. It made a huge ‘thud’, even bouncing and hitting hard on the back corner, showing visible scuffs and an oh-so slight tear on the tolex cover, so my head was telling me that this was bound to be tragic. I knew that cheaper gear would not resist that kind of impact.

Until… (Drum roll, please…..)

I got to rehearsal and plugged in my CPS. It powered up, and worked like a charm!!! The knobs were all intact, no external noise, and nothing was loose. I was ecstatic! Relief would be an understatement. Yeah, this was totally my fault – a musician throwing all his gear in the back of his suv and headed to a gig / rehearsal, not thinking that sometimes things get shifted around in the back. We’ve all done it, but not anymore. Lesson learned!

I just thought y’all would like to know how solid this thing is built. I love this keyboard amp. I’ve recorded my Nord organs through it, and it definitely sounds better mic’d up than being run direct in stereo into my Pro Tools rig. Nothing like moving air when recording. I’ve used on a couple dozen or so gigs now, and it works like a charm. Thanks to Aspen for a great product worthy of 5-stars! close
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