James Day

SpaceStation v3

Magic Little Box
So maybe the first couple gigs I didn’t “get it,” but after dialing it in and altering some presets on my keys and fx I’m totally hooked. Many thanks to Delvin Wolf for recommending it to me and getting it out here super fast.

I notice I don’t use eq at all with the spacestation, I used to turn the bass almost all the way off on my behringer 212d. My pianos are beautiful and not muddy at all- the bandleader’s face said it all when I played a piano intro on one of the songs. The photographer at a wedding said the organ sounded amazing in the crowd.

My first mistake was having it too close to me, put it a little bit away from you for best 3D sound. Then you get to enjoy it as much as the audience. Lastly, don’t even think about playing bass heavy stuff thru it, pair it with a sub for true full-range bliss.

Get one!
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