Spacestation XL Update

I know many of you are patiently waiting for the new Spacestation XL amps which we had planned to have into general distribution by now. Many of you have already placed pre orders and are ‘in line’. But as can often happen with any new project, some vendor supplied parts may not measure up to spec, or to the original samples they supplied. This was the case with our new DPSU power supplies which we sourced from an outside vendor (this amp uses a light weight and universal switching power supply that ranges from 90-250vac). So when these NAMM show run amps power supplies failed at lower AC voltages, we had to prototype a new design and basically do a ‘start over’. Obviously, this then set our planned release timetable back, by several months.

The good news is our modified NAMM SXL amps with the ‘new & improved’ switching power supply designs are in the field now with some Beta testers and we are happy with the results. So the new DPSU PCBs are now being manufactured with the heavier duty parts and should be confirmed in the next few weeks. And then we can get the SXL back on the production line.

FYI, the SXL cabs & Eminence USA made speakers have been waiting patiently for months at the Eminence speaker factory, so this delay on the electronics has been a burden on my wonderful production partner as well. The whole team at Eminence have been so supportive and patient. And if you own a SS3 you know their quality of work, how well these amps and speakers have been made, and how reliable they have been too. They are great partner for me, and there would be no CPS amps except for their partnership. Their new 12″ Co-Ax with the Titanium Tweeter was specially developed for this project and they sound amazing! So now, if nothing else goes wrong, it looks like our first deliveries for this first mass run of SXL amps will be in November.

FYI, our preorders have been strong so this run is already sold out. New orders placed now will be going in line for the next SXL amp now scheduled for delivery in January 2018. However, as our APD Dealers booked most of this production, so they may still have some amps that have not been committed to their customer base. So best to check with them on SXL preorder status. They may still have some amps available from this run.

Lastly, many thanks for all your kind words of support and your patience folks, it is much appreciated. I am so sorry if these delays have inconvenienced you. Please rest assured the SXL Is alive and coming soon; nobody is more anxious to get these amps on your stage than me! But after nearly 50 years of bringing out new designs I have learned (the hard way, that any new AP design… no matter how much the demand or how good it sounds in my lab… MUST be 100% ready to go. I want these new big brother SXL amps to be every bit as as successful as our newest SS v.3 ‘LIte’ amps, which also feature this new light weight DPSU technology. And, in case you need Center Point Stereo in your life before Christmas… these new SS3 ‘Lite’ amps are in regular production (we just finished a new run this month) and are available NOW, thru all our APD Network of dealers as well as direct from our website if there no APD Dealer Partner in your city or your country (please see our website for the list of APD Dealer partners).

Thanks For Your Continued Support

Aspen Pittman