Aspen and Associates

Back in 1978, Aspen Pittman founded a consulting company focused on music and audio products and called it Aspen and Associates. Early Aspen and Associates research discovered ways to improve vacuum tubes for guitar amplifiers and led to one of the music industry’s most successful products: Groove Tubes. Over the following 30 years Groove tubes went on to design and manufacture 13 original vacuum tube designs for Musical Instrument and High Fidelity amplifiers, supplying both his Groove Tubes catalog and major audio companies companies from Fender to the original McIntosh tube amplifier companies.

Groove Tubes became the centerpiece of our business, so we later renamed the company to reflect that centerpiece. Other Groove Tubes highlights are Aspen’s best-selling book, The Tube Amp Book, with over 140,000 copies sold, a long line of custom built boutique “Soul-o” guitar amps and Groove Tubes’ award-winning studio microphones and tube-based signal processors such as The ViPRE, The SuPRE, The Glory Comp and The Brick.

Aspen sold the GT brand and product line to the Fender Musical Instrument company in 2008, in order to focus his attention some personal health issues, which required a reduced stress environment, a year of Chemotherapy and some intensive prayer from his friends and family. Upon his healing and revitalization, Aspen revised his orginal company Aspen Associates to pursue some unfinished “Bucket List” items.

Today Aspen And Associates thrives as the “Mothership” umbrella company for his large format live vintage style recording studios, Aspen’s Place Recording, and his newest line of innovative audio products that are simply branded “APD”, for Aspen Pittman Designs, including Aspen’s patented Center Point Stereo’s Spacestation v.3, a stereo powered monitor that creates a 3D stereo sound field everywhere in the room… and beyond!

On this Aspen And Associates website you will find links to Aspen’s newest “audio adventures”; Aspens Place Recording studios and Aspen Pittman Designs products. But also, you will have access to Aspen’s personal product support archive for most all of his former products under ‘Support => PDF Archieve’. After the sale of GT to Fender Aspen felt that it would necessary to continue to support his friends and clients by making parts and schematics, as well as operation manuals available to owners of his GT products. So Aspen And Associates serves as the last best source for keeping GT amps, mics, and studio electronics in prime operational condition. You may also send your requests and inquiries to Aspen at this website and will find a willing and helpful partner in maintaining and restoring your GT products. You will also find a store where you can purchase current and past products from Aspen including his best selling Tube Amp Book, Deluxe revised Edition with over 800 vintage tube amp schematics and servicing tips to keep you vintage tube amp sounding it’s best.

Here’s an interesting flashback to the days of Groove Tubes!

Groove Tubes Guitar Electronics with Aspen Pittman and Steve Trovato